How do I get a SPELD NZ Teacher for my child and what does tuition involve?


If the Assessor’s report recommends one-to-one tuition, the next step is to contact us. We have a national network of SPELD NZ Teachers and will aim to refer you to one who is based as close as possible to where you live. Usually lessons are one hour, once a week, during school terms. Teachers normally work from their homes but can sometimes they can work within schools. We have some teachers who can also work online.

All our teachers are qualified classroom teachers who’ve passed our 600-hour, NZQA-approved training course. Based on the assessment findings, they develop an individualised one-on-one teaching programme which uses a student’s strengths to build up their weaknesses. For students who struggle with literacy, our teachers use evidence-based programmes emphasising phonemic and phonological awareness. These reflect the Science of Reading.