SPELD NZ offers this kōwae to contribute to the growing awareness of the need for beginning readers to develop phonological awareness.

It is presented in 11 sections and is designed to develop background knowledge about phonological awareness and to show how sounds are learned and used in the words of the English language. Some practical applications are described to compile a kete of teaching resources for assessing and developing students’ proficiencies with phonological awareness.

“Very useful, especially for teachers who have taught
with the whole language approach.”
“The structure of the course was excellent.”
“Really informative and makes me want to do more.”

Phonemic & Phonological Awareness

Approximately six hours of reading, videos and self-checking quizzes make up the content of this kōwae. Diverse presentation methods will demonstrate and invite reflection on how phonological awareness is learned, both typically and non-typically. In this way the kōwae is aligned with the Ministry’s Learning Support Action.

Theoretical support for the kōwae comes from research confirming the Simple View of Reading, originally proposed by Gough (1993) and confirmed during the past 25 years by researchers including Linnea Ehri (2001), Margaret Snowling (2012), David Kilpatrick (2015) and Pamela Snow (2018).

The cost of this kōwae is $195.50.  NB:  SPELD NZ is passionate about phonemic and phonological awareness, and maybe able to provide a subsidy to reduce the cost of this kōwae to educators nationwide.  These subsidies are subject to availability, please check with us for details.


More details on the Phonemic and Phonological Awareness Kōwae Ako can be found in this handbook.
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