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I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso

Famous Dyslexic People

The * means famous people who are suspected to have dyslexia.

Albert Einstein Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner
Ann Bancroft Arctic Explorer
Alexander Graham Bell Inventor
Wernher von Braun Rocket Engineer
* Dr. Simon Clemmet Scientist
Pierre Curie Physicist (1903 Nobel Prize)
* Thomas Edison Inventor
* Michael Faraday Physicist
Henry Ford Inventor
* John R. Horner Paleontologist, author
Willem Hollenbach Astronomical Photographer & Inventor
William Lear Inventer
Charles Lindbergh Aviator
Dr. James Lovelock Pioneer in the development of environmental awareness
* Sir Issac Newton Scientist & Mathematician
Eli Whitney Inventor
John VonNeumann Mathematician
Orville & Wilbur Wright Inventors
Harvey Cushing Neurosurgeon
Paul Ehrlich  
* Fred Epstein Neurosurgeon
* William James Psychologist
John W. House President, House Ear Institute World Renowned Research Facility
Dr. Edward Hallowell Psychiatrist
Archer Martin Chemist 1952 Nobel Laureate
* John Robert Skoyles Brain Researcher
Margie C. Sweeney Doctor, author
* Helen Taussig Pediatric Cardiologist
* Harry Anderson TV actor, comedian
Fred Astaire Performer
Michael Barrymore British comedian, TV host
* Mr. Abhishek Bachchan Indian Actor
* Orlando Bloom Actor
George Burns Actor and comedian
Enrico Caruso Opera singer
* Billy Connolly Comedian
* Patrick Dempsey Actor / Grey's Anatomy
Harrison Ford Actor
Dave Foley Actor
* Danny Glover Actor
* Tracey Gold TV Actress
* Whoopi Goldberg Actress, comedian
* Jerry Hall Supermodel
Anthony Hopkins Actor
* Bob Hoskins Actor
* Eddie Izzard Comedian
Keira Knightley / Actress Actress
* Susan Hampshire Actress
Salma Hayek Actress
* Jay Leno Comedian, "Tonight Show" host
* Tom Cruise Actor
Alyssa Milano Actress
* Billy Bob Thornton Actor
* Liv Tyler Actress
Will Smith Actor, singer
Tom Smothers Actor, singer, comedian
* Henry Winkler Actor, author
Robin Williams Actor Comedian
* Oliver Reed Actor
Keanu Reeves Actor
Edward James Olmos Actor
Jill Pages Trapeze artist
* Loretta Young Atress
* Cher Actress, singer
* Noel Gallagher Oasis Guitarist
Nigel Kennedy Violinist
Jewel Singer, actress
* Harry Belafonte Singer, actor, producer, human rights activist
* Brad Little Stage actor, singer
* Daniel Powter Musician
John Lennon Singer, songwriter, actor, activist
* Britney Spears Singer
River Phoenix Actor
Achilles Poulos Greek Entertainer
Bob Weir Grateful Dead Guitarist
* Usher Singer
* Erin Brockovich Activist
David Boies Attorney
Nicholas Brady US Secretary Treasury
George Herbert Walker Bush 41st U.S. President
George W. Bush 43rd President of the United States
* Winston Churchill Prime Minister Of England
* King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
Jeffrey H. Gallet Judge
Michael Heseltine British Prime Minister
Andrew Jackson 7th President of the United States
Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson
Lyndon Johnson President of the United States
Thomas Jefferson President of the United States
John Fitzgerald Kennedy President of the United States
* Gavin Newsom Mayor of San Francisco
* General George S. Patton General, pilot
Anna Eleanor Roosevelt First Lady
* Nelson Rockefeller Vice President
* Woodrow Wilson President of the United States
* George Washington President of the United States
Paul Wellstone U.S. Senator
Ansel Adams Photographer
Scott Adams Cartoonist, "Dilbert" creator
* David Bailey British Photographer
Nicole Betancourt Emmy-winning filmmaker
* Robert Benton Director
Michelangelo Buonarroti Artist
* Leonardo da Vinci Artist
Elizabeth Daniels Author of mystery novels
Walt Disney Producer, animation artist, theme park pioneer
* John Ferrie Artist
Ignacio Gomez Muralist
Guy Ritchie Film director and husband of Madonna
Bernie Taylor Author of Big Trout
Auguste Rodin Sculptor
Patricia Buckley Moss Artist
* Pablo Picasso Artist
* Robert Rauschenberg Artist
Jørn Utzon Architect
Richard Rogers Architect
* Allison Merriweather Artist
Søren Kragh Jacobsen Danish film director
* Stacy Poulos Photographer, Writer / Philosopher / Philanthropist
Steven Spielberg Filmmaker
* Bennett Strahan Architect, Artist
* Robert Toth Artist , sculptor
* Robert Toth Artist , sculptor
* Andy Warhol Artist
* Richard Branson Founder of Virgin Enterprises
* John T Chambers CEO of Cisco Systems
* Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer Australian publishing, media and gaming tycoon
Reyn Guyer Nerf ball developer
* William Hewlett Co-Founder of Hewlett-Packard
* Tommy Hilfiger Fashion designer
Steve Jobs Founder of Apple Computer
* Craig McCaw Founder of McCaw Cellular
Craig McCaw Telecommunications Visionary
O.D. McKee Founder of McKee Foods
David Murdock CEO of Dole Foods
David Neeleman CEO of jetBlue Airways
* Paul J. Orfalea Founder and Chairman of Kinko's
* Anthony Parle Managing Director of Parle Foods
* Charles Schwab Investor & multimillionaire businessman
* Jason Silva Co-owner Construction & Design
Raymond Smith Former CEO of Bell Atlantic
Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Harvard University
Ted Turner Founder and President of Turner Broadcasting Systems
Thomas J. Watson Jr. Former CEO of IBM
F.W. Woolworth Department store innovator
William Wrigley, Jr. Founder of Wrigley Chewing Gum
* Avi Children's author & illustrator
Jeanne Betancourt Author of "My Name is Brain Brian
Hans Christian Anderson Author
Earnest Hemingway Author
* Steven Cannell TV writer
Lewis Carroll Author
* Dame Agatha Christie Author
Fannie Flagg Author
* Gustave Flaubert French novelists
* Ronald Davis Writer, educator
* John Irving Author
* Debbie Macomber Author
* Patricia Polacco Children's author & illustrator
* Girard Sagmiller Author
Joseph Smith Writer of The Book of Mormon
Elizabeth Daniels Squire Author
Mark Twain Author
Bernie Taylor Author of Biological Time
* Victor Villaseñor Author
* William Butler Yeats Poet
* Terry Bradshaw Football player, tv host
* Rulon Gardner Olympic Greco-Roman wrestler
Duncan Goodhew Olympic Swimmer
* Bruce Jenner Olympic Decathlete
* Magic Johnson Basketball player
* Greg Louganis Olympic Diver
Dan O'Brien Olympic Decathlete
Babe Ruth Baseball player
* Steven Redgrave Olympic Rower
* Jackie Stewart Race car driver
* Neil Smith Football player, author
Muhammad Ali Boxer
* Bob May Golfer
Joe Montana Football player
* Diamond Dallas Page World Wrestling Champion
* Jim Shea, Jr. Gold medal 2002 Winter Olympics
* Nolan Ryan Baseball player
Billy Banks Fitness instructor, creator of Tae-Bo
Neil Smith Football player
Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr. Astronaut
* Ennis William Cosby
Frank Dunkle Director of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
* Carrick Forbes Recovering Heroin Addict
Peggy Selinger-Eaton Home Staging Expert - Author Sell Your Home For Profit
Vince McMahon World Wrestling Entertainment Founder
* Jamie Oliver The Naked Chef
* Julia Walker Hollywood hair stylist
* Bob Turney Probation Officer , author
* Marco Pierre White London's Top Chef
Roger Wilkins Past chairman of the Pulitzer Prize Board / Professor of History
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