If you’re concerned that your child may have a learning difficulty, complete this quick checklist. If you tick more than 3 or 4 boxes, we suggest you contact us to arrange an assessment.

Do any of the following key indicators apply to you or your child?

    Trouble with one or more of these: maths, spelling, writing, readingKnows spelling and maths one day, but has forgotten it the nextTalks about their ideas well but can’t write them downPronounces sounds in words in the wrong order; e.g. aminale (animal) hostiple (hospital)Untidy, disorganised and often lateDifficulty copying workCramped, illegible writingDifficulty remembering names of things in sequence; e.g. letters of the alphabet, days of weekDifficulty telling timeDifficulty learning times tablesDifficulty with punctuation, grammar and maths symbolsClumsy, with poor co-ordinationDifficulty concentrating & easily distracted

      Trouble in distinguishing between left and right, up and down, front and backExtremely active, easily frustrated and short-tempered. At other times may be charming and delightful to have aroundAverage, or above average intelligenceDifficulty hearing what is said, especially when there is other noise in the same areaDifficulty with sudden changes, or stopping and moving to a new activity when doing something they like or have done successfully before or sudden changesNot good at taking a message, or chatting in a groupNot good at following multiple instructions or rulesSeen as naughty, or lazyClass clown, or very quiet, to avoid attentionDislikes reading aloudOver-reacts in some situationsDoes well in some things, but unexpectedly poorly in others

      Our Effectiveness

      Our Approach is Proven

      SPELD NZ aspires to very high professional standards. Our methods are based on international best practice and endorsed by research analysed by the University of Auckland.

      Teacher Credentials

      Only those with teaching qualifications and classroom experience can train to become a SPELD NZ Teacher. This means they understand school curricula and can work well with schools to support their students.

      Success Stories

      Every year, thousands of New Zealanders are diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty (SLD). Despite their struggles in the education system, getting the help they need can transform their lives.