SPELD NZ is New Zealand’s leading provider of support services for specific learning disabilities (SLD), such as dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia.

Our nationwide network and proven expertise means we can support children and adults with dyslexia and other SLD in almost all areas of New Zealand.

Our Assessors and Teachers are rigorously trained, and specialise in delivering highly effective support to both children and adults with learning difficulties. Families/whanau, schools, medical centres, employers, government agencies and other providers often refer to us for help.

Our Assessors are experts in SLD/dyslexia diagnosis

A SPELD NZ diagnostic assessment is the first essential step in finding out why someone is having learning problems. Our qualified Assessors are meticulously trained to provide a detailed overview of learning and intellectual skills.

One-on-one tuition

Our Teachers are all qualified classroom teachers with specialised SPELD NZ training. They provide personalised tuition targeting each student’s needs, based on their assessment report.

Every SPELD NZ Teacher is classroom trained

Only those with teaching qualifications and classroom experience can train to become a SPELD NZ Teacher. This means they understand school curricula and can work well with schools to support their students. Then they undergo many hours of specialist training to become a SPELD NZ teacher.


SPELD NZ offers NZQA-approved courses and professional development for teachers, special educational needs coordinators (SENCO), teacher aides, families and caregivers. We also host conferences and from time-to-time run community presentations and parent information evenings.

We help adults as well as children

While the majority of those we support are at school, many more adults are now seeking our help thanks to the growing recognition and understanding of dyslexia. It’s never too late to get help!

SPELD NZ provides life-long skills

The benefits of our services last for life. We help our clients to understand their learning difficulties, then we teach them techniques and tools to overcome these issues. For many of our clients, it’s the difference between a life of struggle and a life of success.

We aim to be accessible to all

Our philosophy is that no child or adult should miss out on our support because they can’t afford it. That’s why we are constantly fundraising to help subsidise our assessment and tuition for those in financial hardship.

We provide wraparound support

SPELD NZ membership is about so much more than assessment and tuition. We provide ongoing support, including training and workshops, resources, libraries and helpful links, to ensure our students and their families continue to build their knowledge and confidence.

Personal Stories

Many of our clients have overcome years of struggle with reading and writing, and in the process, have discovered a love of learning!

Creating Our Own Books

Having a child with severe dyslexia inspired a SPELD NZ mum to write and self-publish a book to build his self esteem.

The Perfect Fit

Many parents of children struggling in the classroom consider homeschooling. It’s not for everyone, but it was the perfect fit for Holly Blair’s family.

What Dyslexia Taught Me

Christchurch IT product innovator Christian Sax describes his lifelong struggles with dyslexia and what he’s learned along the way.

Back to the Future

Emma Pollard became a SPELD NZ Teacher so she could support her dyslexic daughter and others like her.

Dancing with Dyscalculia

Diagnosed with severe dyscalculia as a child, Isabelle went on to become a makeup artist and support others who struggle with numbers.

You Rescued Me

Dyslexic Professor Emeritus David Mellor looks back on the “phenomenal impact” of his tutor 70 years ago.

Starting Over

Training as a SPELD NZ Teacher overhauled Pip Coombes’ entire approach to teaching literacy.

Family the Key to Success

Bayley Garnham’s struggles all made sense when he was diagnosed with dyspraxia and dysgraphia at the age of 12. Family support played a crucial role in his success.