Our Vision

Meeting the learning needs of those with Specific Learning Disabilities.

Our Mission

To build a strong organisation to effectively advocate, assess, teach and promote best practice.

The Treaty of Waitangi

SPELD NZ honours the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

SPELD NZ Vision & Values

Our Values


SPELD NZ demonstrates respect by:

  • treating all members of SPELD NZ (office bearers; staff, professional and regular members; people receiving our services) with respect;
  • treating all SPELD NZ stakeholders and others working in the education and SLD/dyslexia field with respect;
  • communicating and speaking to each other with mutual respect


SPELD NZ demonstrates professionalism by:

  • using best practice as the norm in governance and management practice;
  • striving for excellence in the training, ongoing professional development and registration of teachers, assessors and directors;
  • Professional Members taking personal responsibility for their professional development and registration.


SPELD NZ demonstrates equity by:

  • acknowledging the diversity in society and within our organisation and embracing others who are different from ourselves;
  • being responsive to the needs of all members within the financial restraints of our organisation;
  • treating all people fairly.


SPELD NZ demonstrates integrity by:

  • being committed to ethical behaviour in all situations;
  • acting with honesty and truthfulness;
  • speaking out for what we believe in and listening to the views of others;
  • acknowledging any mistakes and taking all possible steps to correct matters.


SPELD NZ demonstrates a commitment to creating opportunity by:

  • providing services to enable those with SLD/dyslexia to reach their potential
  • advocating for changes in educational practices which will improve the experience and outcomes for those with SLD/dyslexia.