SPELD NZ aspires to very high professional standards. Our methods are based on international best practice and endorsed by research analysed by the University of Auckland. While registered with NZQA, SPELD NZ had a “highly confident” rating, ranking "Excellent" in all categories. Although we are no longer registered with NZQA, we still strive to put quality first, every day and in every way.

Unlike any other programmes which claim to “fix” dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities, our methods are research-based and we have the evidence to prove they greatly enhance educational and cognitive ability (see below). For those who struggle with literacy, our teachers use programmes grounded in phonemic and phonological awareness, reflecting the Science of Reading.

Find out more about systematic synthetic phonics and why it is the most effective way to teach reading.

Pilot research project shows "vast improvements" for SPELD NZ students

In 2011 SPELD NZ carried out a pilot programme in collaboration with RTLB (Resource Teachers: Learning and Behaviour). The data obtained was analysed by Dr Karen Waldie of Auckland University, who noted the vast and surprising improvements in achievement skills.

“Not only are children increasing their predicted reading success by 20-44% in areas of sound blending, phonemic awareness, verbal comprehension and reading fluency, but their general cognitive abilities also significantly improved. We saw vast improvements in thinking ability, cognitive fluency and processing speed.”

In July 2014, the New Zealand Journal of Educational Studies published an article about this study, which concluded that SPELD NZ’s teaching was effective in improving the academic skills of children with reading disabilities and also significantly increased overall intellectual ability.

The article also noted that the improvements were “testament to the ability of the brain to be modified, presumably via strengthened neural connectivity, following even a relatively brief (60 lesson) exposure to an enriched environment of learning in the form of SPELD intervention.”

Our commitment to excel is reflected in our training. SPELD NZ runs courses for parents, caregivers, teacher aides, teachers, assessors and other interested professionals.  When we were registered with NZQA,  we achieved a “Highly Confident” rating, ranking “Excellent” in all categories.  Here’s NZQA’s 2022 report.