Our philosophy is that no child or adult should miss out on our support because they can’t afford it. That’s why we are constantly fundraising to help subsidise our assessment and tuition for those suffering financial hardship.

We believe that it’s important to offer equitable services to all children and adults who struggle with SLD/dyslexia, regardless of their financial situation. While we strive to keep our services as affordable and accessible as possible, we know that one of the most common barriers to accessing SLD services is cost.

That’s why we have a Financial Assistance Scheme in place which can provide partial subsidies to low-income families. To qualify, you need to have a current Community Services Card or evidence of low income or hardship. Please call us on 0800 773 536 if you would like to know more about our current subsidies.  

Learn more about how it works:  Here’s the story of Ella Barnes, one of our financial assistance students.