Moving On
with Bayley Garnham & Family
A free webinar for SPELD NZ members
7.30pm – Wednesday 7 June 2023

Back by popular demand!  Hear how Bailey managed to overcome the challenges of dyspraxia and dysgraphia:  What worked, what didn’t and how family is at the heart of his success.

Bayley and his parents and grandparents will share their inspiring stories and advice to other families and young people.

All SPELD NZ members have been emailed a registration link.
NB:  If you miss this  webinar, please contact us for a link to the recording 

Via Zoom
1pm – Saturday 19 August 2023

Many thanks to all SPELD NZ members who attended our 2023 AGM.

Here are the key AGM documents:

Support Webinar for SPELD NZ families

Following on from the support resources emailed to SPELD NZ families, we hosted a support webinar.  If you missed it, you’re welcome to contact for a link to the webinar recording.  NB:  This is for SPELD NZ members only.

The webinar is just over an hour long and is packed with great advice on topics such as:

  • Helping your child understand their struggles and feel empowered
  • Ways to support your child at home through the primary, intermediate and secondary school stages
  • How to use materials that can help your child with organisation e.g. planners, picture tables and post it notes
  • How to best advocate for your child at school.

SPELD NZ Teacher Serena Driver and SPELD NZ Executive Officer Jeremy also answer questions at the end.

We’ll let you know the date of our next webinar which is likely to be on resource recommendations.

Via Zoom
1pm – Saturday 24 September

Our thanks to all SPELD NZ members who attended.  Here are some of the key AGM documents:

Aidan’s Journey
A free webinar for SPELD NZ members
7pm – Tuesday 31 August 2021

(NB:  If you missed this webinar, contact us for a link to the recording (SPELD NZ members only):

Hear Aidan Milner’s inspiring story on how he has managed to overcome the challenges of severe dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Labelled lazy by teachers, Aidan struggled through primary school. However, thanks to one-to-one lessons, some clever strategies, special accommodations and sheer grit, he thrived during his senior years at high school and at university. He now works as an engineering geologist – a feat he would never have thought possible. After Aidan has shared his story, there will be an opportunity to ask questions.

Thank you to all those who took part in SPELD NZ’s 2021 AGM.
Here are key papers from the meeting:

SPELD NZ 2020 AGM approved minutes
SPELD NZ audited financial statements for year ending 31 March 2021
SPELD NZ Annual Reports for year ending 31 March 2021
SPELD NZ 2021 Infographics
Life Members announced AGM 2021
SPELD NZ 2021 AGM draft minutes

Our next AGM will be held in 2022 via Zoom. We will soon let you know the date and time. All SPELD NZ members are welcome to attend.

We still have vacancies on the Board and PSC and are looking to second members until the next AGM. Please contact Executive Officer, Jeremy Drummond, if you would like to explore this option: or complete the nomination form.

Looking for information on SPELD NZ courses?  Head to our Training pages for details on our:

SPELD Conference 2019 - Lifting Literacy

Empowering neurodiverse learners

Auckland – 28 & 29 September

Our thanks to all those who took part, making this SPELD NZ’s most outstanding conference to date.  Our next conference will be in Auckland in 2022.  We’ll post details here as soon as they come to hand.

SPELD NZ Conference 2016



Our thanks to the wonderful lineup of guest speakers who took part in SPELD NZ’s 2016 conference in Wellington.

Download Judy Hornigold’s presentations – PPTX format

SPELD NZ 2016 Conference Photo Gallery