If you’re concerned that you may have a learning difficulty, take a look at this checklist of some typical indicators. Keep in mind that individuals vary greatly and no two people will have the same challenges.

Key Indicators for Adults

Do any of the following key indicators apply to you?


    Inaccuracies, e.g. misreading instructionsPoor speedPoor skimming and scanningHaving to re-read over and overDifficulty getting the main ideaRecalling what has been read


    Verbally may be good, thus a discrepancy between oral and written skillsWord retrieval problemsDifficulty in acquisition of technical wordsSlow to answer questionsReluctance to speak or present in public


    Persistent spelling difficultiesDifficulty organising and structuring written work such as reportsDifficulties with form fillingDifficulty in spotting errors when proof readingProblems with legibility and speed of handwriting and presentation and difficulty with punctuation


      Problems with note-taking or taking minutes, unable to listen and write at the same timeDifficulty in following more than one instruction at a time or taking messages especially while on the phoneDifficulty with concentration and attention


      Poor organisational skills, e.g. problems with time-keeping and meeting deadlinesProblems knowing how long a piece of work is going to take


      Difficulties with memoryOften better at practical activities with reduced reading and writingNot understanding why certain activities are more difficult than othersLow self-esteem, leading to a loss of motivation at work or study

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      Every year, thousands of New Zealanders are diagnosed with a specific learning difficulty (SLD). Despite their struggles in the education system, getting the help they need can transform their lives.