Aidan’s Journey

A free webinar for SPELD NZ members 7pm – Tuesday 31 August 2021
Hear Aidan Milner’s inspiring story on how he has managed to overcome the challenges of severe dyslexia and dyscalculia.

Dyslexia and the Drive for Success

In a SPELD NZ exclusive interview, we find out how working to overcome his dyslexia has helped drive shot putter Tom Walsh’s incredible success.

Understanding and supporting specific learning disabilities

An insightful Radio New Zealand interview with SPELD NZ Teacher Eleanor Boyce.

Sir Richard Branson on what kids like him need

The NZ Herald talks to Sir Richard Branson and SPELD NZ.

Talking to your child about their learning difficulty

Every child needs to know that they can count on unconditional support from their parents. This is especially important for children who struggle to learn. 

More support for tertiary students

Good news for dyslexic tertiary students – moves are underway to better support their learning needs. SPELD NZ is on the working party set up by the Tertiary Education Commission to help make this happen.

Where’s the science?

SPELD NZ is calling for a sea change in the way literacy is taught in New Zealand schools.

Changes needed to address decline in literacy

What we know, what needs fixing and what we should prioritise.  Here’s the report by Professor Stuart McNaughton, chief science advisor to the Ministry of Education, and SPELD NZ’s response.

New guidelines welcomed

SPELD NZ is pleased to see major changes to the Ministry of Education’s Dyslexia and Learning Guide. SPELD NZ had a significant role in the consultation process. We believe this is a big step forward for dyslexic learners in the classroom.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) Guidelines now available

APD can be an underlying cause of learning difficulty. (Many people with APD are also dyslexic.) The good news is APD is very treatable and we now have guidelines on how to screen, assess and manage it.

How do children learn to read? A summary of what the science says.

Research has shown that reading is not a natural process, and it’s not a guessing game. Written language is a code.

RNZ National interview: Are our teachers adequately trained for students with learning difficulties?

For those who missed it, here’s literacy expert, Professor Pamela Snow’s interview on Radio New Zealand’s Nine To Noon programme.

SPELD NZ responds to Government’s Draft Disability and Learning Support Action Plan

SPELD NZ has been a strong advocate for change for many years and hopes to play a key advisory role. Here’s our formal submission to what the Government has announced so far.

NZQA ranks SPELD NZ “Excellent” all round

We are delighted that NZQA has again awarded SPELD NZ the best rating possible as a Category 1 provider – a ‘Highly Confident’ approval.

How to support those who struggle to learn

Here’s a fabulous interview on Radio New Zealand’s Nine to Noon programme explaining what’s going on and what you can do to help.

Student-designed dyslexia aid a winner

A group of Year 13 students at Tauranga Girls’ College has invented a device to help those with dyslexia – and they’re ecstatic about the attention it’s getting.

Former SPELD NZ student behind the bright idea

Ex SPELD NZ student 18-year-old Madison Sykes is the inventor of the iBrite reading aid and CEO of the Brite company behind it.

SPELD NZ Documentary on YouTube

In 2012, a documentary about SPELD NZ featured on TV3 in the Open Door series.

SPELD NZ’s submission to parliamentary inquiry on dyslexia, dyspraxia & autism

Some heart breaking stories came through at the parliamentary inquiry.

Radio New Zealand Interview with SPELD NZ

In case you missed it, here’s a chance to listen to SPELD NZ’s interview on Radio New Zealand National.

Dyslexia: With the Students of Kapiti College

Congratulations to Kapiti College students for making a thought-provoking documentary on dyslexia.