NZQA ranks SPELD NZ “Excellent” all round

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Every four years, SPELD NZ comes under the NZQA spotlight.  This is a rigorous procedure involving lenghthy interviews with people involved in all aspects of our organisation – staff, Board, Professional Standards Committee, and participants on our Level 5 Certificate Course, now and in the past.  NZQA also interviewed school principals throughout New Zealand on whether SPELD NZ’s course graduates met their expectations in terms of knowledge of dyslexia/specific learning disabilities (SLD) and how to remediate and support students who struggle.

We are delighted that NZQA has again awarded SPELD NZ the best rating possible as a Category 1 provider – a ‘Highly Confident’ approval.  In fact, SPELD NZ scored an ‘Excellent’rating in all criteria, something very few providers in the New Zealand tertiary landscape achieve.  This isn’t just about our courses; it’s about quality management of our entire organisation from governance through to service delivery.  SPELD NZ continues to aspire to the highest professional standards, which we believe sets us apart from other providers of SLD support in New Zealand.