The Illusion of Inclusion

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The Education Hub’s research findings on the experiences of neurodivergent children and those supporting them are heart-breaking but unsurprising.  They mirror exactly what desperate families have been telling SPELD NZ for decades. The report collected the perspectives and experiences of 2400 people engaged with neurodivergent young people – parents and whānau, teachers and education leaders, people working in support services, and neurodivergent tamariki themselves. The story it tells is nothing short of devastating.

Since its inception in the 1970s, SPELD NZ has advocated for the rights of the neurodiverse, and the need for more effective literacy teaching.  We have always considered this an equity issue. Sadly, progress has been negligible. The Education Hub’s research findings attest to how much neurodiverse children and their families still suffer.  We agree that our country is failing them on an epic scale.

News of the Government’s plans to mandate the introduction of Structured Literacy is a great move in the right direction.  SPELD NZ hopes this will improve outcomes for our neurodiverse tamariki but their needs are complex.  The Education Hub’s report clearly outlines the crisis at hand, and we endorse their recommendations for change. They reflect SPELD NZ’s many submissions to the Government over the last 50 plus years. Neglecting the needs of our neurodivergent students has far reaching social and economic impacts – the fallout pervades every aspect of society. We must do so much better.

You can read The Education Hub’s research report here.

The Education Hub held a webinar to discuss its research findings.  You can watch it here.