SPELD NZ Assessor training focuses on the administration and interpretation of the Woodcock-Johnson test batteries. It’s aimed at those who are likely to get the required NZCER Level C grading after course completion.

Training to be a SPELD NZ Assessor requires successful completion of the

  • Certificate in Diagnostics: Introduction to the Woodcock Johnson IV, SPELD NZ Assessment and Report Writing, and
  • SPELD NZ Certificate in Assessment and Report Writing.

The Certificate in Diagnostics: Introduction to the Woodcock Johnson IV, SPELD NZ Assessment and Report Writing is a comprehensive seven-month course focusing on developing the background knowledge needed to effectively administer the WJ IV and interpret the results. The course covers acquisition of reading skills, identification of specific learning disabilities, use of the WJIV assessment batteries, report writing, and three mentored practice assessments reports.

The SPELD NZ Certificate in Assessment and Report Writing is a ‘train while you work’ course.  Participants must have successfully completed SPELD NZ’s Certificate in Diagnostics and have been identified as suitable candidates to become a SPELD NZ Assessor. Course participants work as SPELD NZ Probationary Assessors and complete a minimum of four paid assessments under the supervision of a mentor.  Participants will have four months from invitation date to complete the practicum, but earlier completion is possible. During this training, no report is to be sent to a client until the mentor has approved the release.

For more details, see  enrolment details below and an indication of content from this Assessor training programme overview

Read about what it’s like to train and work as a SPELD NZ Assessor

Natalie Wallace - SPELD NZ Assessor Training

Natalie Wallace of New Plymouth did the SPELD NZ Assessor training in 2018, spurred on by her own son’s learning challenges.

“Seeing my child’s journey through the education system made me really want to make a difference for children struggling to achieve their potential.”
Read about Natalie’s experience

Mike Sleeman describes what’s involved with an assessment and the rewards of working as a SPELD NZ Assessor.

“Judith’s knowledge is impressive and her passion engages the learner”

To be eligible to enrol, you must have recent qualifications and background to meet NZCER’s eligibility requirements for Level C registration including:

  • Appropriate Bachelor or higher qualifications in Education, Teaching or Educational Psychology;
  • At least one postgraduate paper (preferably two) in psychometric theory and personality/abnormal psychology, as detailed in the table on Page 3 of  NZCER’s registration guidelines ;
  • The psychology papers must have been completed within five years of the assessor training course. If papers are completed earlier, to be eligible, course applicant must have been working in a related field during the last 5 years;
  • If course applicant’s psychology papers are not listed in NZCER’s guidelines, applicant must provide SPELD NZ with an overview of the papers completed (including learning objectives) with an indication of which NZCER prescribed papers that they are most like. These applicants must sign an acknowledgement that SPELD NZ does not guarantee that NZCER will provide Level C certification following completion of our assessor training;
  • Trainees who are not educational psychologists must have within the last five years, practical experience in educational psychology, education, teaching or teacher-aide experience working with students with disabilities.

We recommend you dedicate approximately 10-12 hours a week for the guided reading and viewing tasks, contributing to online discussions and completing assignments. However, you may need to dedicate additional time over the four weeks following the workshop when you will be analysing assessment data and writing your first report.

We welcome inquiries and applications for training in 2024.

Send us a copy of the Assessor training application, reference form, and a police vetting request. On receipt of your application you will be sent a short writing task to complete. Please also provide certified copies of your:

  • university transcript completion of appropriate courses
  • passport and driver licence (or Birth Certificate)
  • Marriage Certificate or Dissolution Certificate, if your name differs on transcript, passport driver licence

Email your application to training@speld.org.nz and post original documents to SPELD NZ, National Office PO Box 24-617, Royal Oak, Auckland 1345.

For further details of on our Assessor training, please contact: training@speld.org.nz or call 028 25507415.

SPELD NZ Assessor training is not an NZQA-approved course.