SPELD NZ Assessor training focuses on the administration and interpretation of the Woodcock-Johnson test batteries. It’s aimed at those who are likely to get the required NZCER Level C grading after course completion.

The training is in two parts: Part A is on use of the WJIV assessment batteries, report writing, acquisition of reading skills and identification of specific learning disabilities. Part A usually runs from August to November (TBC).  Those wishing to become a SPELD NZ Assessor may be invited into the Part B programme. This is a 12 month mentoring practicum for trainees wishing to be registered as SPELD NZ Assessor.

For more details, see our Assessor training programme overview.

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To be eligible to enrol, you must have recent qualifications and background to meet NZCER’s eligibility requirements for Level C registration including:

  • Appropriate Bachelor or higher qualifications in Education, Teaching or Psychology, including advanced courses in psychometric theory and personality/abnormal psychology.  For more details, see NZCER registration guidelines here.
How to apply for the 2019 SPELD NZ Assessor training course:
  1. Send us a copy of the Assessor training application, reference form, and a police vetting request.  Please also provide certified copies of your university transcript completion of appropriate courses, your passport and driver licence (or Birth Certificate).
  2.  Email your application to nationaloffice@speld.org.nz and post original documents to SPELD NZ, National Office PO Box 24-617, Royal Oak, Auckland 1345

Applications should be received by by Friday, 31 May.  

The Assessor training fee is $2,400 plus GST.  Successful applicants should  pay this by 28 June 2019.  Scholarships may be available is certain areas  to help cover the cost of training.

For further details of on our 2019 Assessor training, please contact: eo@speld.org.nz

SPELD NZ Assessor training is not an NZQA-approved course.