People with dyslexia and other specific learning disabilities often suffer years of failure and despondency at school. You could be the one to nurture them to success.

This mainly online, Level 5 programme (NZQA-approved) is the pathway for those interested in becoming a SPELD NZ Teacher. It is also open to others who wish to extend their knowledge and expertise in teaching, or learning about, people with specific learning disabilities (SLD).  However please note that because of the huge demand for our services nationwide, we do give priority to intending to become SPELD NZ Teachers (i.e. those who have a  teaching qualification and a minimum of one year of classroom experience.)

Enrolments for our 2021 programme are now closed.  We welcome applications for our 2022 programme throughout the year but please note, a final decision won’t be made until December 2021.  See more details and the enrolment forms below.

NZ Certificate in Teaching Individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities

What is it like to be a SPELD NZ Teacher?

Classroom teacher and SENCO, Sarah McIntyre, describes how SPELD NZ training has brought enormous benefits to her school.

“The most informative and positive experience I have ever had in my teaching career of 15 years.”

The programme requires 600 hours’ participation/study activity between February and November.  It will be delivered online but there will be a compulsory face-to-face workshop component in Auckland during school holidays in July.

We recommend allocating (on average) 16 hours per week to complete the programme.

Read the programme overview here


The total cost of the programme TBC.  (The 2021 programme was $3,220 including GST.)

SPELD NZ scholarships/subsidies may be available in some parts of New Zealand for those who intend to become registered SPELD NZ Teachers.

The scholarship criteria and application form is available here. Please note, scholarships are only for those who are able and committed to taking SPELD NZ students.  They are provided by funders to increase SPELD NZ’s teaching capacity and ease the pressure on our waiting lists.  Graduates unable to take students or complete the practicum must return scholarship funding.

How to apply

Please fill in and send us a copy of:

•  Training application
•  Scholarship application (if applicable) .
•  Reference form
•  Police Vetting request

Please also provide certified copies of:

•  Your NZ teacher registration card (if applicable)
•  Your teaching or related qualification
•  Your NZ Passport or Birth Certificate or NZ Permanent Residency Permit
(if your overseas passport has expired, please provide a letter from NZ Immigration confirming your residency status)
•  Your driver’s licence (if available)
•  If you have had a name change since your qualification was issued, your Marriage Certificate/Dissolution of Marriage documentation

Applications should be received by 13 December 2021.

Please email your application documents to and post original documents to SPELD NZ, National Office PO Box 24-617, Royal Oak, Auckland 1345.

For all inquiries, please email or call 028 2550 7415