Board Member

I live in Haumoana, Hawke’s Bay, with my husband, James and my two sons, Daniel (11) and Phillip (9). We love the lifestyle and community that Haumoana offers, being so close to the ocean and cycle tracks. 

We are a busy and active family, spending most of our time supporting our boys in their major passion, football. In my spare time I have recently started learning Spanish, which I have wanting to do for years. I love cooking and getting into nature and on the beach with our dog, Pebbles. 

When it became apparent that our eldest was struggling with his reading, I started to investigate what support was available. SPELD NZ was recommended, and this started our journey from assessment to diagnosis and on to tutoring. 

Both of our sons have now been diagnosed as dyslexic through SPELD and after each sons’ diagnosis we celebrated with a special dinner out with the family, at a restaurant of their choice. I believe dyslexia, with all its challenges, also comes with its gifts, that are truly worth celebrating. We wanted to share with our children the power of thinking positively about dyslexia.

I was very surprised, as a parent of children with learning disabilities, that there was no specific government funding available to support their learning. When I saw the wonderful work that SPELD NZ was doing for those with learning difficulties, I wanted to offer my support as a board member. 

I work in Early Childhood Education, supporting diverse learners. This work allows me to grow my understanding of inclusive practices and equity in education. I’m passionate about supporting all learners, regardless of their learning challenges. 

As a board member, I bring my parental experience of the challenges faced by families supporting their children with learning difficulties, and my passion for equality of learning for all children.